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Sip & Shoot Events

A new way to network that allows everyone to benefit and walk away with tangible images to start marketing their business!

What is a Sip & Shoot

Who does it benefit?

How does it work, who pays for what?

A sip and shoot is a 2-hour networking event that allows each attendee the chance to get updated lifestyle branding headshots while grazing on snacks, mimosas and hear from the sponsors as well as the services they offer. The Branding Photo Co. has partnered with local businesses in order to provide unique locations and the opportunity for sponsors to present at the event to all the attendees. 

This event provides double-sided benefits so that the sponsor(s) AND the attendees walk away with deeper connections and tangible images to market their business. The types of businesses that are benefiting the most from these events are title companies, brokerages, realtors, custom builders, insurance agencies and in-home serviced based businesses.

There are several ways to cover the cost of a Sip & Shoot, depending on the number of attendees and the industry you're trying to market to. There is an option to split the cost between you and other sponsors as well. We handle all the planning, find additional sponsors (if desired), find attendees and reserve locations along with provide beautiful lifestyle images for your attendees. Please schedule a discovery call to find out more information and pricing.

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