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Dallas/ Ft. Worth Personal Branding Photographer | Photoshoot Location

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Deciding where to shoot to during your personal branding photography session is very important. There are so many things to consider. As a Dallas/ Ft. Worth Branding Photographer these are my TOP 3 things to consider before choosing.

#1 Indoor VS. Outdoor - This is probably the biggest decision you need to make. Start with considering what your industry is. If you are in real estate or interior design I suggest finding a elegantly designed model home. Mainly because this is where you customers expect you to be and will be more relatable to your industry.

Argyle Branding Shoot

#2 What type of content are you producing? Are you grabbing a handful of photos for basic business needs (ie. business cards and newsletter) or are you needing social media content for the entire year? If you need just a handful or photos, a life style studio would be perfect because you can get in, get the photos you need and not have to worry about clothing changes, scenery variation etc. But, if you need 12 months of content I would pick and outdoor location that is extremely versatile and con provide a lot of backdrops. If you're in the Dallas area, my favorite spot is Plano West. There are so many outdoor patios, coffee shops and large glass windows that are perfect for getting variational shots.

Argyle Branding Shoot

#3 Pick a location that you and the photographer feels comfortable and safe. This really falls more on the photographer to know the area and already have a shoot plan in place, before shoot day.

Wrong locations won't necessarily break your shoot, but it might weigh on your confidence level that day if you are second guessing it. Which is why getting the location right is very important.

Talk soon babe,

Monica - Owner | The Branding Photo Co.

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