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How It Works

Dallas Branding Photographer

Initial Contact

Once we've connected via email, we'll schedule a discovery call. This is a quick 10-minute phone call to discuss package options, pricing, possible dates and the overall vision of your photos. This call is to find out if my services fit your needs. Once your desired package is chosen, we'll schedule a planning call. 

Planning Call

This is a 30min - 1hour phone call. During the planning call you will be asked to tell me a little bit about your business and your target audience. We will discuss, locations, studios, outfits, props, number of people, and any specific photos you need. We will also lock-in which package you want. At the end of the call, a deposit will be required to hold the photoshoot spot. Once the deposit is made, a confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Dallas Branding Photographer
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Dallas Branding Photographer

Personalized Branding Photoshoot Packet

All Packages 30mins or longer will receive a personalized branding packet several weeks before the shoot that I have created for them. Each packet will include a customized mood board with brand colors and inspirational images to help you when shopping for your outfits. Next, a shoot-day schedule with times and locations that layout how the shoot will play-out that day. Finally, a detailed list of props that will need to be brought.

Digital Gallery Delivery

All photos will be delivered within 15 business days through a personalized online gallery. You will receive a gallery link via email and be able to choose your favorite photos. Once the number of photos included in your package is chosen, you will be able to download your high-resolution photos straight from the gallery. Should you want additional photos, they are available for a small additional cost. 

Dallas Branding Photographer
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