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Personal Branding Photography

Impactful Imagery that tells the story of your brand and helps create deeper connections with your target audience

Branding photography is what tells the story of your business and attracts your dream clients by allowing them to see not only what your business does, but who you are as a business. Showing potential clients the "who" behind the business is going to increase trust and ultimately increase your sales.  

In todays digital market it can be difficult to stand out when it seems like there's competition everywhere! This is why finding your "edge" and showcasing your brands "uniqueness" is imperative and something our business takes pride in helping your business discover and culminate.


Think of us as your creative partner, helping you tell your brands story. 



Investment $4,999

This package has it all! It's for the business that has been active for 3+ years, understands their target audience and how to solve their pain points. This business has a great understanding of their brand voice and overall messaging in the marketing. They have a website and active social media presence but are looking for more cohesive, professional and creative imagery to match their marketing campaigns. Images from this shoot are ideal for social media, email workflows, podcasters and print marketing. This package is all inclusive from studio time, hair and makeup all the way to a catered charcuterie lunch w/ mimosas. It includes 175 High Resolution images and is a full day session. Before our session together you will complete a brand questionnaire, then we'll schedule a strategy call to plan out our photoshoot together.

Platinum More Info Pge

The Maker

Investment $2,899

Retail storefronts, restaurants, med-spas, shopping centers and businesses that sell tangible products this package is for you. This photoshoot is designed to show off your individual products e-commerce style as well as those products being used/ tried on/ indulged in/ eaten and the overall shopping/dining experience your customers can expect when visiting your storefront/ restaurant/shopping center. Being able to show your target audience what its like to shop at your store or sharing what the atmosphere is like at your restaurant is going to draw in customers and get them excited about making a visit. Images from this shoot are ideal for website product sales, newsletters, social media, seasonal events, new upcoming products, new menu items, print marketing and any digital marketing campaigns. Included in this package are 65 high resolution images that will be a mixture of product images, shopping experience images and personal branding images of the business owner herself, as the badass entrepreneur she is! A 10-Second B-Roll Style Video is also included in this package. The video is delivered fully edited without audio to clients IG account. This is a 3.5 hour shoot. Studio location rental and Hair/Makeup not included but can be added at checkout.

The Maker
Mid Level Pakag More Info

Mid Level 

Investment $1,699

This package is for that motivated, powerful entrepreneur that has carried herself from hobbyist to owning a full-throttle LLC. She's DIY'ed her images long enough and she's reached a point in her business that she's ready to level up her imagery to match her vibe and brand voice. She has vision and knows how she wants to show up in her marketing, but needs a professional to provide clarity and paint a well organized, yet creative picture that attracts her audience. She wants a brand photographer that talks strategy and strives to create impactful, scroll stopping images for their clients. Included is 50 high-resolution images and a 1 hour strategy call. This photoshoot is a 1/2 day shoot and you can have up to 2 people. This package does not include hair and makeup or access to lifestyle studio usage but those items can be selected as an add on at checkout.

Startkit More Page Info

Starter Kit 

Investment $789

If you've been in business less that 2 years or you need a brand refresh, this package is for you. It is perfect for businesses who are just starting out and need imagery for their website and those key photos for their business cards, print marketing and social media profile picture. The starter kit is also perfect for a brand refresh. Entrepreneurs who had a brand shoot last year and are looking for just a quick update would benefit highly from this shoot. Included in this package is 25 high-resolution images of your choice. Before our photoshoot we will have a quick strategy call to map out your photoshoot details. Studio time and hair /makeup are not included but can be selected as an add on. This shoot is limited to 1 person only, but others can be added on at checkout.


My photo shoot with Monica could not have been better. The location was fantastic, she was quick, fun, and professional, she had my proofs to me a day early, and I LOVE every shot she took! I HIGHLY recommend Monica as your photographer, regardless of the occasion. She's extremely talented and will leave you VERY pleased!

- Shelli King

Working with brands and business isn't just about a getting a job done, it's so much more than that to me. I enjoy building strong relationships with my clients and continue to help them reach their goals.    - Monica

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